The Olivia Clarke Story

With roots in the heart of Constantia, Cape town. Olivia Clarke is an all-natural range of foot care products. With a deep passion for the environment, we ensure all our products are free from synthetics, parabens, alcohol, petroleum and animal testing.

In a time when the market is flooded with dangerous synthetics and chemicals we are committed to using only the purest, raw, organic ingredients available. With an extensive history in health, wellness and aromatherapy we have proudly created a brand that is honest, fresh and sincere. Powered through our local women’s empowerment initiate we carefully release small batches at a time, ensuring the highest level of consistent quality is maintained.

We love to share our products that we are so passionate about with our amazing customers. Whenever we hear you love a product it’s really a moment that stays in our hearts and makes us feel even more grateful for the brand we created.